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This website is currently being hosted pro bono as a historical record of the more than 35 years of community volunterism and service of the Valley Horse Owners Association. In 2008, after decades of non profit equestrian work, the membership voted to dissolve and retire the Association passing the reins onto new organizations continuing the spirit of preserving horse keeping and the equestrian lifestyle in the Valley and beyond.
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Who we are:

The members of the Valley Horse Owners Association are your neighbors and fellow equestrians. We share common interests such as the agricultural zoning in our communities, preserving our semi-rural lifestyles and using our land for horse keeping.

What our membership does:

Our membership keeps up to date on issues in the community, city and county government that effect horse keeping and land use. We attend public hearings and promote cooperation to preserve our quality of life and to ensure we are represented by our elected officials.

The Valley Horse Owners Association acts as a clearing house for information and a liaison between the horse community and officials and politicians.

Land Use: We promote cooperation between residents and organizations on equestrian issues, land use, planning and zoning matters. We realize that only by uniting can we have a strong voice in city government and prevail against the reckless development that threatens to eliminate horse keeping areas or changes in legislation affecting equestrians. We attend Land Use hearings, City Council hearings, etc., and act as advocates for the horse keeping community.

Trails: Our members report on trail conditions and usage. We cooperate with other organizations and Trails Councils to maintain and acquire dedicated multi-purpose trails.

EVAC Unit: Four teams stand by, equipped with trailers and two way radios to evacuate horses and other animals to designated 'safe areas' in case of flood or fire. In past years, we worked with the Santa Clarita Sheriffs Department and with the Wildlife Way Station in responding to fires.

The Hoof Beat: We publish a newsletter once a month called the The Hoof Beat. The newsletter covers issues related to horse keeping, land use, zoning, trails and public hearings as well as a calendar of events, reprints of equestrian articles and local news briefs.

VHOA.ORG:The web site offers us a place to provide more information, publish an electronic copy of The Hoof Beat, archive earlier issues of the newsletter, and a summary of on going issues.

Community Involvement: Many of our members are also involved in property owner associations and other community groups. This enables our membership to network across the San Fernando Valley sharing information and working as a united front to support the preservation of land use and zoning for horse keeping.