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The Hoof Beat September 2007

Drivers: Please "Slow Down And Pass Wide" for Horses!
from "Councilman Smith’s Weekly Briefing"

In Chatsworth, we are extremely lucky to have a thriving equestrian community with working ranches, horse paths, feed and tack shops, and restaurants with hitching posts that locals still use.

But there is also fast-moving traffic. To alert drivers to the unique characteristics of our equestrian community we have installed new equestrian traffic safety signs on several streets where equestrians are common.

They have horse-and-rider symbols and urge drivers to "Share the Road - Next 1 Mile."

We also continue to work together with the equestrian community and the Department of Transportation to find ways to keep our roads safe for both horse riders and motorists.

Meanwhile, please share the road courteously and safely with equestrians, and slow down and pass wide when you encounter horses on the road.They are part of what makes our community great!

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