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The Hoof Beat September 2007

War Horse Proposes Equestrian Park in Lake View Terrace

The War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation, an active 501c3 non-profit organization in our community, is proposing an Equestrian Park on the Edison Property in Lake View Terrace in Orcas Park. The site that the War Horse is proposed is currently owned by Edison and would require a long term lease and permission by Army Corp of Engineers, The city of Los Angeles and Recreation & Parks.

The Equestrian Park would provide affordable facilities for trail trails, a cross-country course, and tent pegging events. All three equine sports are very exiting and growing equine sports and offer challenges from moderate to advance riders, children and adults. The proposed Equestrian Park would be maintained by the Foundation with partnerships formed with other interested non-profits.

The site would accessible with nominal membership fees to all equestrians via sanctioned equestrian organizations that have gone through training and safety criteria. This ability watermark is required for insurance and liability issues. The fees generated would help cover site expenses; on-site assets and equipment, maintenance, staff, program costs, legal, insurance, utilities, ground grooming & waste removal and organization overhead.

Currently, there are no public access sites for this type of equestrian use in the San Fernando Valley. The closest private facility is located ten files to the east and has very high membership initiation--in the mid five digits--and expensive monthly dues making it unaffordable for most equestrians.

The War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation makes it's home in Lake View Terrace. The foundation presents famous cavalry regiments from around the world, promoting the role of the horse in military history.

The War Horse appears in many parades (including the Tournament of Roses Parade, Hollywood Parade, Santa Barbara La Fiesta Parade), Schools (giving seminars on history) and Cultural Festivals (recently the United Scottish Highland Games at the Pomona Racetrack and at the Queen Mary in Long Beach) and has founded or cosponsored many local events including Day of the Horse and has achieved recognition from the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, the State of California and local Congressional offices as well as the Prince of Bavaria and other events in Europe.

The motto of the War Horse is "equine spirit from the past" (tm), teaching the role of the horse in military history and the bonds that so many cultures around the world has with the horse! Upon the hooves of the horse are what founded and built civilizations. The War Horse practices every weekend in drill and precision riding with adults and junior riders. The War Horse website is www.warhorsefoundation.com

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