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The Hoof Beat September 2007

Sun Valley Redevelopment and Stonehurst Community

The initial news of redevelopment and the potential eminent domain taking of whole Stonehurst community in Sun Valley was met last year with an instantaneous reaction from homeowners and residents. Stonehurst is a rurally zoned historic equestrian neighborhood with a K-overlay.

Stonehurst is proud of its diversity, history, and peaceful neighborhood created by an active participation of residents and a strong neighborhood watch. The Stonehurst Park is home of the first and only community park in Los Angeles to offer residents an equestrian arena and turnout with a multi use trail.

After the news broke, Los Angeles City Council- member Wendy Greuel immediately met with residents who overflowed the Historic Stonehurst Recreation Center and promised the community not here.

A 2005 Daily News article described a nebulous "unofficial" project slated for the neighborhood with a huge trade school campus at the elementary school location, parking lots, and low income housing claiming most of the rock houses and the area from Wentworth to Sunland Boulevards

The Sun Valley Neighborhood Council has done a great job to come up with an alternative project proposal meeting all the goals of that initial nebulous student project with minimal relocations and great care and consideration given to the existing residents and lifestyle.

It is a very exciting project that will enhance and improve our community without destroying it. Recreation and trails is a key theme that is supported and enhanced. For details, go to the link: http://www.valleyofthestars.net /#SunValley and click on the Sun Valley Renaissance Concept Plan in the New Release section.

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