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The Hoof Beat July 2007

VHOA Update from Carol Locus

Please attend the VHOA dinner Saturday, September 22nd 6-9PM at the Mandarin Terrace at 8815 Sunland Blvd in Sun Valley at the crossroads of Sunland and Glenoaks Blvd.

At the next meeting, we will discuss candidates for the 2008 board of directors for VHOA and propose the ballot for membership vote to be mailed out in November. If for any reason, we are unable to propose a full ballot for election, we will discuss sending out a ballot for dissolution of the corporation. However, at this writing, we are quite pleased to find individuals willing to step up to take VHOA forward into the future.

As you read in the last issue of The Hoof Beat, I will be retiring from the board after a decade of service. My husband, Steve Ford will also be retiring after 7 years of service as the editor of the The Hoof Beat and the creator of our website www.vhoa.org. Of course, as long as there is a VHOA, we will remain active members and lend our assistance as needed and as we are able.

I want to thank the interim board of Sheila Mears and Nancy Berns for their hard work and support. I want to thank all our members who were able to write and call to support Malibu Farms and lend a hand to their successful petition to the Coastal Commission for a permit to continue to operate their ranch in the Santa Monica mountains. If there is one thing we never have a shortage of are the issues and developments needing equestrians to support one another and one organization to support another.

I would now like to introduce you to equestrian, Michael Moertl, who joined VHOA this year and who has expressed an interest in seeing VHOA into the future.

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