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The Hoof Beat May 2007

VHOA Update from Carol Locus

Please attend the VHOA dinner next Sat, June 16th 6-9PM at the Mandarin Terrace at 8815 Sunland Blvd.

The future of VHOA depends on YOU. This is VHOA's 35th anniversary year (in September). I hope to see another awards dinner.

The current board is of the opinion that we have been doing this too long. We are trying to find current VHOA members to take on board positions to keep VHOA going. You must be a member in good standing for at least 3 months to vote in a new board, or to be on the corporate board. (Anyone can be appointed as directors or liaisons or committee members and we need many of those too).

Tom Barrabee, and Sheila Mears, VHOA members since the 80's and past board members, will say a few words about VHOA's early days (Tama, previously announced as a speaker, cannot make it). Steve and I will give short summaries of our work.

VHOA, as an association, should represent the interests and vision of its membership, which we believe it does, at least somewhat, since so many of you have supported us for so many years and we have a steady flow of new members. Steve and I have just kept going, sort of on automatic pilot, with help from Natalie, Julie, Sheila, Tom, Elaine, Lynn, Nancy, and others that bring us news and who have helped us with the few events we have organized over the past 5 years. However, we feel, that the work being done and presented should be more representative of what the membership wants, and more should contribute to make it more relevant.

Know that Steve and I have kept going because we know the impact we, as a group do have-you write lots of letters, faxes and emails, you go to many hearings, and you forward calls for help to many many others. We have quite a large network, I estimate in the thousands and even in the 10's of thousands if and when those politically active also forward to their lists. Our website averages between 7-10,000 visitors EACH MONTH with about 50-75,000 hits EACH MONTH. I have passed on our VHOA experience to many many other people in many other places NATIONWIDE. I believe this work and presence is important and valuable and should be continued. It is time to step up, don't think someone else will take care of this.

Thank you for all your interest and support all these years. All we need are a few people to step up to take some board positions and we can keep going as we have. I hope to see you next week.

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