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The Hoof Beat March 2007

Historic Equestrian Community Gets Reprieve from Ignorance

A family out for Sunday Drive in the Stonehurst community of Sun Valley. Stonehurst is a historic equestrian neighborhood preserving both horse keeping and stone houses built in the early 1920ís by Indian Stone Masons.

The historical Stonehurst recreation center was not the scene of bucolic pastures and horse keeping during a February neighborhood watch meeting, but a seething and overflowing chamber of very upset homeowners waiting for their City Councilperson to arrive and explain newspaper accounts of possible eminent domain taking of their neighborhood for "redevelopment" and a new school.

Stone cottages like the one below are part of the Stonehurst historic equestrian community in Sun Valley that forms the beginning of a contiguous horse keeping community from Sun Valley through Shadow Hills up the Tujunga Wash around the Hansen Dam area to Lake View Terrace with trails opening into the Angeles Forest and big and little Tujunga wash.

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