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The Hoof Beat March 2007

CSHA Monthly Update from Jim Real
Reprinted from the New Horseman

The new year is off and running and we are moving at a fast clip. The first quarterly meeting was held in January. There were a lot of contentious issues to be dealt with but we are all on the same page and working together for the best interest of horses and horsemen throughout the State of California.

Among the hot topics of discussion was the advent of possibility of publishing our own magazine. This is currently on hold as we get more information and cost factors and in the interim we will be putting out a CSHA newsletter with the assistance of Gini Richardson and others. Communication with our membership is a must and I am committed to improving that area.

We also discussed the need to make sure that the CSHA is in compliance between our Bylaws and the California Corporate code and our 501-C-3 non-profit status. I have appointed a special Ad-Hoc Committee for the purpose of studying this issue and reporting back at the April Quarterly.

Speaking of the Bylaws and Rulebook, it is currently getting ready to go the printers after some really dedicated hard work in editing, formatting and typing by two wonderful members, Greta De Graeve and Linda Quattlebaum. It should be ready very soon and when completed will be available in Book form (the new 8 by 11 format) on the website and in CD form. The 2007 revised West Coast Horseshow Rule Book is also at the printers.

The Committee to put on the 2007 State Convention, led by Northern Area Vice President Bob Gage met at the quarterly and they are working hard to make that event a real success. It is tentatively being projected for the Sacramento area in November.

All of our 2007 Program Chairs are currently in place and you can get a listing on our CSHA website along with the Region Officers. I would encourage everyone to make use of our website. It is full of important information and we have had well over 800,000 "hits" by individuals seeking up-dates. Gini has done a really masterful job with this but she needs your input, articles and information constantly. Use it!

On the website I would call your attention to the Charitable Trust section. The Trustees, led by Paulette Webb, are working hard to bring every record up to date and they really need you assistance in letting everyone know about the Trust and the opportunities to make donations and contributions. Check it out!

When campaigning for State President, I promised that we, as an organization would be going "Back to the Basics" to return the CSHA to the position of being the leaders in the protection, promotion and preservation of the California equine community. That includes taking a pro-active leadership involvement in the area of equine legislative matters and Trails issues. Our Trails Chair, John Keyes, is being very attentive to trails issues throughout the State and it is up to each member to notify him of issues where we can assist.

Do our members really ride the trails?? YES !! Check out the latest TRAP Program listings and you will find that we are currently showing a whopping 78,070 hours in the saddle with Region 11 leading the way with 25,810 hours and Region 2 close behind with 20,480 hours. Everyone should be apart of this fantastic Program so contact chair Marie Grisham and get your hours logged. We use these figures to show legislators and council members just how much the trails are used and their condition.

That leads me to "Membership". Our First Vice President, Ron Jenkins, is working hard with every Region and Club to vastly increase our membership in 2007. Membership dues are the foundation of our financial structure and every member is a member of Ron's membership committee. You should all be carrying a CSHA membership application with you and invite your friends and colleagues to join. We had a terrific time at the Equine Affair and signed up several new members and potential clubs.

Till next month - ride safe and enjoy life. Jim Real - CSHA State President

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