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The Hoof Beat March 2007

VHOA Update from Carol Locus

As you can imagine, after the months of preparations last Fall and Winter for the "State of the Horse" Convention held at the end of January, Iíve taken some time off to catch up on life and see my horses.

It was a difficult year with my motherís illness and her passing away in October. I had to be on the east coast just when we would have liked to have reached out to more equestrians and groups to become involved in State of the Horse and to prepare for our annual meeting.

What a nice surprise it was in the middle of the holiday season and organizing State of Horse, when over 80% of our membership responded to the mail-in ballot within a week of the mailing. What a huge response at such a busy time of the year for everyone. It really gave me an emotional boost to enjoy your support with all the hard work we were doing at the time and working a full time job on top of it all.

Please take the time to attend our June 16th meeting. The history of the Valley Horse Owners Association is a rich one with many different people contributing to the preservation of horse keeping and equestrian land use over the decades. Come share a dinner with us at the Mandarin Terrace in Sun Valley on Saturday, June 16th at 6 PM and help us decide the future of the Valley Horse Owners Association. Thank you all.

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