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The Hoof Beat January 2007

Tama Retires From L.A. County Police Mounted Unit
By Howard Lockwood

After 17 years of volunteer service, Tama retired from the L.A. County Police Mounted Unit, and its predecessor organizations.

She turned in her 9mm Beretta pistol, which she had to qualify with bi-monthly. This was always high tension time, but she always managed to pass.

Her first training began in 1989, when Miss Hi-Fi and Dusty were conditioned to be unflappable. They became immune to gunshots, flares, sirens, flashing lights, and bags waved in front of their faces. All this necessary in crowd control.

In 1996 she and three others went to the Sheriffs Academy in San Bernardino, four hours every week night and week-ends for five weeks, to qualify as reserve officers, required to carry a pistol. It was over a two hour drive each way. Such dedication!

Her unit was mainly involved in patrolling County parks. A highlight of the year was patrolling "The Love Ride," where 25,000 Harleys met at Lake Castaic to raise money for muscular dystrophy.

Tama is a remarkable gal and I, Howard, am proud of her!

The Valley Horse Owners Association would like to add itís voice to acknowledge Tamaís years of public service, and wish her a long and healthy retirement. Of course, we expect to see her spending all that extra time riding and enjoying the trails.

Sergeant Ken Cianciosi gives Tama recognition. The plaque reads: TAMA LOCKWOOD Your many years of dedicated service to the Los Angeles County Police will not easily be forgotten, as no one else can possibly fill your booth! May you find the best of everything in your well-earned retirement. September 6, 2006
Officer Lockwood with her two pals. Miss Hi Fi, a full blooded Arabian mare, age 31, can no longer be ridden due to arthritis. Dusty, age 24, a palomino gelding, is still very active.
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