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Manure Desposal
  • Manure     ... loss of manure recycling impacting stables ...
Equestrian Park in Lake View Terrace
La Tuna Canyon Trails
Stonehurst Historic Neighborhood
Sun Valley Redevelopment -- Eminent Domain
National Animal Identification System
City Planning Commission
Cuyamaca Equestrians
Assembly Bill 576
Proposed Zoning Change Shadow Hills
Gibson Ranch
Rose Bowl Riders
San Gabriel Mountains, National Forest Or National Park?
State of the Horse Convention
Scenic Corridor
Gardner Ranch Development Shadow Hills
Bradley Landfill -- Waste Management/Sun Valley
Law Targets Wild Horses, Sale for Slaughter
Altadena Trails
Inclusionary Zoning
Hansen Dam Development
Orange Park Acres
North Area Plan
Equestrian Contribution to Pollution Undetectable
Stonehurst Recreation Park
City Backslides on Chatsworth Master Plan
California Coastal Commission
Animal Supplements
Pierce College
Los Angeles Equestrian Center
Will Rogers State Park
Deer Lake Development
Conditional Use Permits
Foothill Trails Neighborhood Council
City Horse Boarding
County Horse Boarding
City Planning Commission: Accelerated Zoning Changes
Valley Fair proposed at Hansen Dam
  • Minutes for February 1, 2001 (Feb 2001)    The Army Corps of engineers reported to the 51st Agricultural District that Gabrieleno Park and the Hansen Dam area was in a flood plain and therefore no permanent structures were allowed there. ...
  • Neighborhood News    San Fernando Valley Fair: ...voted to hold this year's San Fernando valley Fair in the Sports Center region of Hansen Dam...
  • Valley Fair, Regular Board of Directors' Meeting    January 5, 2001, 9:00 AM, Conference Room, 2nd Floor (Small Conference Room), Explorer Bldg., Galpin Motors, Inc., 15555 Roscoe Blvd., North Hills 91343
  • Advisory Panel of Citizens to Recommend Site for Fair (Dec 2000)    A citizens advisory panel made up from Valley community leaders, Phyllis Hines, Nancy Snider and Marie Harris, will have the responsibility of making recommendations concerning a Fair site at Hansen Dam. ...
  • Minutes for November 3, 2000 (Dec 2000)    We still wish to encourage the consideration of other sites such as Lopez Canyon or the Sheldon-Arleta Polytech location, which offers 85 to 100 acres of prime location just off of the Roscoe and Sheldon exits on the 170 freeway. ...
  • ISSUES (Nov 2000)    We all need to write to our representatives find another home for the fair outside of Lake View Terrace. ...
  • MasterPlan for the San Fernando Fair (Nov 2000)    The fair as planned would need $34,000,000 for the development of an 85 acre fair grounds, 30 acres of which will be parking lots--all on the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center grounds and on the other side of Gabrielino Park. The arenas we fought so hard and long to get put in would be wiped out. ...
Angeles Forest Trails
Correction of Misleading Reports
Woodland Ordinance
  • Action Alert (Sep 2000)    As we explained in the last issue of the Hoof Beat, this ordinance would create havoc for all. ...
  • Woodlands Ordinance Will Kill Recreation (Aug 2000)    he impacts of this ordinance are critical because single family residences and recreational activities will bear the onerous burdens if the Board of Supervisors adopts this ordinance. ...
Malibu State Park
Building & Safety
Proposed RR-L Zoning Santa Monica Mountains
Health Insurance for Equestrians